Restoration of ancient gold artefacts

From the first gold artefacts dating back to the Iron Age, which were made using the same techniques as for bronze (cold forging, engraving, punching, pressing, casting), through Christian Era to the goldsmithery of the 15th Century, right up to when the distinction between everyday ornaments and funeral ornaments came about, each restoration job is a narrative of the elegance of a tradition perfected over the centuries.

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+Duomo di Milano
Vetratesec. XVII tronetto candelieri sec. XVI busto reliquiario san Carlo sec. XVII busto san Sebastiano sec. XVII santa Tecla ostensorio santa Tecla sec. XVI croce San Carlo sec. XVI calice Pio IV foto beck peccoz fine (56)

metal and coral

Calice Airoldi seconda metà XVII sec.

Pace Pio IV - seconda metà del XVI sec.

Pace Pio IV – seconda metà del XVI sec.

Ivory “Latino” sec. IX

Dittico in avorio “Latino” sec. IX

Ostensorio “Castiglioni” sec, XVI

Ostensorio “Castiglioni” sec, XVI

la Croce di Ariberto, durante il montaggio pr la collocazione