The key strengths of the Blumer workshop are its extensive experience and capabilities coupled with continuous investment in the most modern technologies and skills updating. This translates into the use of the most advanced tools for the restoration and/or reproduction of secular and religious objects, based on the principles of integrity and functionality.

This is minutely perfect work which avoids stylish finishes or invasive removal of material, always striving to combine the control over the condition and maintenance of the artefact with the planning and the execution of restoration work which primarily respects the appearance of the materials.


Franco Blumer, through enthusiastic in depth research, ensure that every single conservation and restoration job in unique in itself and equally transfer this passion into the creative and finishing work of decorative objects and ornaments.

As far back as 1978 this modus operandi has been the hallmark of the independent activity of a workshop, which brings antique artefacts back to life, intelligently reconstructing their origins through the accurate mapping of their historic contexts.

Detailed knowledge of both the origin and state of conservation of the artefacts is crucial to creating long lasting restoration work and to meticulously preserving their physical features, thereby avoiding any risk of misshaping or major alteration when they are used.
Indeed, the Blumer workshop guarantees the highest levels of quality workmanship, continuously evidenced by the increasing demand from museums, dioceses, and private collectors